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Microbiome Balance & Support Set


Maintain the delicate balance between your skin and gut microbiomes with this limited-edition bundle. Reduce stress that can cause inflammation with a calming supplement, and improve digestive health with probiotic-boosted protein.

Calm (7-Day Supply): Relieve everyday worry and help regulate stress hormones with a powerful blend of calming ingredients to limit inflammation that can trigger or worsen skin conditions. 

Protein Boost (3 Single-Serve Packs): Support healthy digestion & balance your gut microbiome with over 10 strains of probiotics, minimizing inflammation that can disrupt the health of your gut and your skin.

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Helpful bacteria in your gut and skin microbiomes work together to keep you healthy, and if either one is imbalanced, it can affect the other. Stress is a major disruptor, triggering inflammation that can induce or worsen skin issues and upset your digestion

By helping to manage stress and focusing on digestive wellness, you can alleviate inflammation and improve the overall health of your skin.


Linder Health Calm

Relieve everyday worry and stress that can cause inflammation with magnesium, B vitamins, valerian root, GABA, and 5-HTP in Calm. This supplement works to help quiet the mind, and regulate cortisol, serotonin and dopamine levels, helping your body better respond to stress.

Recommended Dosage: Take as needed


KPAX Protein Boost

Restore the natural balance of healthy bacteria in your gut microbiome with over 10 strains of probiotics in KPAX Protein Boost. This blend provides full body nutrition to fuel your day with patented mitochondrial KPAX Support, 20 grams of easily-digestible protein, and a nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable blend, all in a delicious vanilla flavor.

Dosage: 1 pack = 1 serving

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